International Programs

Diaster in HaitiOn January 12th, one of the worst natural disasters hit the most poverty stricken country in the western hemisphere, Haiti. Tens of thousands of people lost their lives and close to a million people were injured, without shelter, food and clean water. To join the relief effort OCUCF initiated it’s CanHelp Disaster Relief Program. This program was last utilized during the Asian tsunami relief efforts in 2004. Thanks to the generous support of participating Ontario credit unions and their members, OCUCF collected close to $75,000 for the Canadian Red Cross. Most of these funds were eligible for the Federal government matching program, thereby doubling the amount going to Haiti.

Several months have passed since the tragic event and OCUCF continues to monitor the situation through our friends at the Canadian Red Cross. We are kept up to date on their efforts through correspondence we receive.

We have donated a further $5,000 for Haiti’s credit union rebuilding program.

International Program FundingDiaster in Haiti

The Ontario Credit Union Charitable Foundation has funded various programs in developing nations in partnership and concert with the Cooperative Development Foundation, the charitable arm of the Canadian Co-operative Association. The Foundation’s donation to international ventures is most often matched by the Canadian International Development Agency of the Government of Canada.

Close to $1 Million for Emergency Funding

We are pleased to report that the Foundation has been instrumental in providing emergency funding when there is a need. Since 2005, the Foundation has directed the support of international and provincial charitable causes totalling close to $1 million dollars.

For international or national emergencies, such as the tsunami disaster in Indonesia, hurricane Katrina in the U.S.A., or the Winnipeg floods, funds are generally directed through large organizations like the Canadian Red Cross.

The Foundation has recently supported the following international programs:

  • Pakistan flood donation of $5,000 through the Canadian Red Cross
  • Haiti earthquake donations of $80,000 through the Canadian Red Cross
  • “Women in Nepal Program”, provided thousands of women with knowledge about their personal rights as well as the ability to create cooperatives and Credit Unions to serve the interests of themselves and their families.
  • “HIV/AIDS Youth in Ghana” program has a two-pronged approach. The focus is on educating youth of their responsibility for personal health and that of their community through Aids education, in addition to encouraging youth to work with their local Credit Unions by developing good saving habits for their long term economic benefit.
  • Funding to rebuild the tsunami damaged villages through the Canadian Red Cross.
  • Funding to rebuild the Sri Lankan Credit Unions, many of which were totally destroyed in the tsunami.

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