AwardThe Foundation’s policy is to match funds of Ontario Credit Union charitable community programs, particularly where a Credit Union raises the funds through the involvement of their staff, Board and members. We support requests to match funds for charities who focus on poverty, educational or medical related causes. The process requires the Credit Union to complete a “Matching Request Form” including the details and submit for review by the Board and Executive Director.

The Foundation funds the community building program by revenue from donations, sponsorships and support of our fund raising events. The “How to Donate” section provides examples of how Credit Unions fund the Foundation and support programs. The Foundation does not support funding requests directly from a charity. When we are contacted by a charity, we direct them to a Credit Union in their community, and it is at the discretion of the Credit Union to consider the request.

The Foundation does not fund the following:

  • A single person or family;
  • Hiring of resources for a special project;
  • Promotion or travel expenses; and
  • Seed capital for a project that has not yet been launched.

The Foundation does sponsor the following:

  • Capital expansions of existing programs;
  • The purchase of support equipment (medical vehicles, exercise equipment, medical equipment, office furniture, etc.)
  • The roll-out of education programs and materials; and
  • The purchase of food/goods/services for deserving recipients as part of a charitable community outreach program.
  • Charitable programs that support the environment or youth causes will be strongly considered.


The Foundation continues to review charitable programs on a provincial scale and is always open to your suggestions where we can work together to make a difference in an Ontario-wide program. Please contact the Executive Director, Tony Niessen, to discuss any recommendations you may have regarding this initiative.